Marketing has passed from the realm of products and services to the realm of people and companies

A business can now become a person who is doing something for us, just as people are doing for other people. So, we need to make sure that our businesses will be seen by the right people and in a suitable context.

As per a recent report, 44 percent of the population in India used to commute in their own vehicles. Although this number is not much compared to the world’s count of 69 percent, it is still a big deal when compared to other countries. This trend is set to cause an increase in cars on the road, and thus the necessity of car ownership and transport systems in general.

So far, most of these services were done by hiring them out or using them while commuting. But with developments such as automated driving technology, self-driving cars and even autonomous taxis, this will become more practical for millions of Indians. However as we have already seen that if you have technology that can do things for you then why not use it?