AI might be able to make us drive our business cars without concern for the elements and weather

Social media, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have created new opportunities for businesses. These new technology platforms make it possible to work seamlessly from anywhere on the globe and are quickly spreading among enterprises.

Businesses must figure out how to create a better customer experience in order to keep customers, who are increasingly becoming more demanding and more selective. They also have a responsibility towards their staff, as well as their employees’ families and communities, who depend on the company for their livelihood. Businesses need to develop creative business models that improve competitiveness of their businesses.

On April 1st 2017, the world’s first cryptocurrency-backed bond will be issued by the ethereum-based Everledger offering bond investors protection against financial losses caused by fraud while on blockchain. The Everledger Token (ETL) will be used.

The issue of transportation is one of the most far-reaching, and least debated topics in modern society. The present generation needs new solutions to solve this problem.

Businesses need to be creative and innovative. They need to think outside the box. However, their creativity needs not just come from their imagination but also from their ability to reach out to customers and potential customers. Hence, they necessitate business consultants who can help them reach out to potential customers from a distance and bring them in-house towards developing new business ideas.